Mystery BE.Client in Retail

Project Description

With the Mystery BE.Client, an exclusive and innovative approach made in Evolvere, we “changed” the perspective: it’s no longer the mystery shopper to pretend to be a client, but the real client becomes the mystery shopper.
We monitor, on a continuative basis, the commercial performances of each department store of one of the most important retail brand in Italy, with a significant number of observations and by making cashier activities more traceable.
We involved in the activity a wide number of clients (especially those who own fidelity cards) that purchased within two days before the survey.
Through the CRM system of the company, that allows us to detect purchases, we reach clients through Internet and we invite them to fill a mystery survey. Doing so, we collect data on their Customer Experience.
This activity is done twice a year online, it allows the firm to monitor commercial performances and sellers behaviors, with a relevant number of observations and with less costs than the traditional mystery research.

Project Details