Cookies general information

Cookies are small text files (letters and/or numbers) which allow the web server to store on the client (the user’s Internet browser) information to be used again during the website visit (session cookies) or at a later stage, even days after (persistent or functionality cookies). Depending on the user’s preferences, cookies are stored by the single browser to the device used (computer, tablet, smartphone).

If you wish to disable the use of cookies, you need to personalize the settings of your navigation browser. You can choose to disable cookies or be notified when cookies are saved to your computer. To continue without changing the cookies storing procedure, simply continue navigation.

Cookies may have several purposes. Firstly, they are used for communication purposes or to provide the user with the service requested; in greater detail, cookies allow to activate and optimize the website’s functioning, carry out electronic authentication and prevent misuse, monitor sessions, improve the user’s navigation experience, for instance by maintaining the connection to restricted areas when navigating the website pages without having to enter again the User-Id and password and saving the user’s information (such as preferences, type of browser and computer used).

Types of cookies

Cookies can be classified as follows:

  1. Technical cookies
  2. Navigation or session cookies
  3. Analytics cookies (first-party cookies – handled by the website)
  4. Persistent or functionality cookies
  5. Profiling cookies
  6. Third-party cookies

Technical cookies may be used without the user’s consent in that, failing them, some functions/operations might be inhibited or prove more complex and/or less secure. Into this category fall analytics cookies too but only if first-party (stored in the website having generated them, even if generated through third-party plug-in).

Conversely, when cookies are used for additional purposes, such as tracking the user’s navigation habits and submitting personalized promotional/advertising messages (so-called profiling cookies), the user’s consent is required.

The user’s consent is required for using third-party cookies as well (generated by external website domains, the data are stored by the third-party subject), also when they are used to collect information in aggregated form about the number of users and their website navigation habits (e.g.  analytics cookies of Google services).

In fact, in accordance with the regulation in force (EU Regulation and general Provision of the Authority of 8th May 2014), before cookies are sent to the device, when the user accesses the home page or any other website page, a banner immediately appears which bears some short information about the use of cookies and giving consent. The user can give consent either by continuing navigation and ticking the box beneath the banner or by closing the banner itself.

It is to be noted that cookies may be first-party (stored on the website having generated them, even if generated by third-party plug-in) and third-party (generated by external website domains, the data being stored by the third-party subject).

In principle, cookies cannot be used to have information about the user from his/her device and cannot spread computer viruses.


Use of cookies by this website

This website uses technical session cookies and persistent cookies. It is cookies generated by this website used to manage the user’s interface (e.g. storing the user’s preferences such as language, currency, page visualization format, connection area), to ensure a better interaction with the website and its audio-visual content (e.g. running programs such as flash player), as well as the connection’s correct functioning (e.g. by appropriately addressing the user’s requests to multiple servers).

EVOLVERE cookies

_gat Session  
_gid Stored 1 days
_ga Stored 730 days
qtrans_front_language Stored 365 days

List updated last 21st August 2018


At present, while this website does not use profiling cookies, it allows third-party cookies to reach the user’s device.

In greater detail, the service Google Analytics, supplied by Google Inc., is active to track and analyze the use of this website, write and share reports with the other services developed by Google.

The integration of Google Analytics keeps the IP address anonymous. Anonymity works by shortening the user’s IP within the borders of EU Member States or in other countries having entered into the European Economic Space agreement. In very few cases will the IP address be sent to Google servers and shortened within the United States.

Furthermore, specific cookies might be activated for the Social Networks which allow the user to interact with their social profile and share content. When a page features this command, a direct link is established with the Social Network selected.

The use of such technologies is regulated by the privacy information of third-party companies and not by Evolvere who only acts as a technical intermediary.


Third-party cookies


NID Pixel 180 days



How is consent to using cookies given (opt-in)?

The user gives consent to the use of profiling cookies as follows: by closing the short information banner, by scrolling the page hosting the banner or by clicking on any element; consent can be withdrawn any time.

As technical cookies do not require consent, they are installed automatically after accessing the website or the service.


How is consent to using cookies withdrawn (opt-out)?

Cookies can be disabled completely from the browser by using the purpose-built function available in most navigation programs.

You should know, however, that by disabling technical cookies, some of the website’s functionalities could be inhibited.

Please find below the links to the information of the main browsers about cookie disabling details.


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